54) Afraid? It's Okay - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation


Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

this moment
just this, just this
let's just
be here together
recognizing gratitude
for this, for that
and everything in between
this moment
totally, completely
here, right now
we can gently acknowledge that
we're scared sometimes
we get scared sometimes
maybe we're scared
right now
but let us recognize
that in this space,
in this moment,
it's completely allowed
to be scared
will you recognize this for me?
that life is not afraid
of you being afraid
notice how this moment
holds you in your fear?
no demand, no expectation
it's okay to be as I am
and like all things
it will change
and like most things
if not all things
it will change
not when you want it to
but when it's time
and I know that can be scary
but here you are
right now
a life live thus far
you made it
life held you
the entire time
you kind of make it again
this time, how about we relax?
a little bit more
trust a little bit more
maybe, life knows
what it's doing
to bring you home
to what it is
you're really looking for
and letting everything
that is unreal
slowly melt away
and naturally
if you're holding on to it
as it melts away
it's gonna feel like
it's been ripped away from you
but it's not
it just
no longer serves
release your grip
come home to the reality
and the truth of what you are
let's take
three big deep breaths
and just appreciate
whatever it is we can appreciate
and then
we will continue on
in our evening or day
at the spirit of love
and play
let's breathe
thank you
for meditating with me today.

— End of Guided Meditation —