52) The Deepest Freedom - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this moment
we have a short opportunity
to check in with reality
and allow ourselves
to just drop into
"The Deepest Freedom"
let's ground into
the present moment
by allowing ourselves
to take three deep breaths
let's breathe
the deepest freedom
is not something you attain,
it's not something you achieve,
it's not something that exists
in the next moment
the deepest freedom
is already here
and available
the question is,
will we allow ourselves to see it?
to see that you're already free
let us invite this openness
into our lives right now
we are open to see
how free we really are
we can begin by recognizing
that freedom is not in the mind
We are not free because of XYZ
we are free
right now
the more we come back
to this moment
the more clearly this will be seen
do you feel this presence of freedom?
were in the reality
of this moment
there is no demand
no expectation
you are completely allowed to be you
it's only the mind that says,
"you're not free"
but is it true?
what the mind says
look at life
what is life say...
does life say
"you should be this
or you should be that"
or has life
already let go of you
and in that great letting go
life whispers,
"I love you,
just be"
let's breathe in to this freedom
we're going to take
another three deep breath
and just feel to whatever
degree you can feel
that not only
are you free right now
but you've always been free
and maybe just didn't see it
let's breathe
all right, my friend
thank you so much
for showing up today
and having the willingness
to just be
until next time
to the beauty
that you already are

— End of Guided Meditation —