HSEP45: The Heart-Based Solopreneur

Simplifying the Process of Becoming a Heart-Based Solopreneur

On today’s live video, I’m going to be exploring what it is to be a Heart-Based Solopreneur and why it’s more possible than people tend to assume. Below is an outline of what I hope to cover in a short time; however, not too sure if I’ll get to it all.

Why this topic? I often encounter people who genuinely desire to add value to others' lives, but struggle to do so in a profitable and sustainable way. As I listen to their stories and disappointments, it reminds me of my own decade-long journey of trying to figure out how to make a decent or abundant living by sharing what I love.

Reflecting on my experience, I'm grateful for the slow growth over the years. However, I recognize that it could have gone 100 times faster if I had proper guidance. I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't, as well as how to get out of my own way and transform my mindset from employee thinking to business owner/investor thinking. This shift has made a world of difference.

There is so much to cover and dive into when it comes to this topic. I understand that I cannot compress 10 years of learning into a short blog post or 40-minute talk. However, we must start somewhere, and that is my intention for this video today.

Here is my outline:

  1. Who is this for? Not for everyone.
    • Some people have beautiful jobs they enjoy that add value to their lives. This exploration about becoming a Heart-Based solopreneur does not imply that all people should become one. There is nothing wrong with using your talents to support someone else's vision.
    • However, it may be wise to explore how you might create a side offering that allows you to create additional income and gives you a meaningful project that invites more "play" into your life.
    • A great candidate for becoming a full-time solopreneur is someone who would rather work for themselves and have more control over their time and income potential.

  2. It’s All About Adding Genuine & Unique Value
    • Sharing your value transformation and helping others do the same. You only have to be one year ahead of someone else, and you can help them make a year's worth of progress within a few weeks or months; that's valuable to people.
    • Genuine value? Whatever has helped you succeed in life, relationships, or business. Simply look at where you have grown in a particular area you enjoy and ask yourself, "Are there other people out there who are looking to learn what I have already learned?" The answer will always be "yes."
    • Unique value? Discovering how the value you offer cannot be found anywhere else; it's a value only you can provide. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Find a way to communicate your value in a unique but relatable way that speaks directly to the unique person you want to support.

  3. Authentic Simplicity over Pretentious Complexity
    • This isn't about having 1,000 complex bells and whistles. Instead, it's about making deep and authentic connections with other human beings. The value behind the value you offer will always come from meaningful connections.
    • Don't try to be "the expert" who pretends to be something they're not. Instead, be yourself so you can attract and connect more deeply with other authentic human beings. Being fake attracts fake people.
    • Stop trying to help 10,000 people. Rather, focus on finding 2, 3, or 10 people to guide through a meaningful process of transformation. In reality, you could directly support 20 to 100 people per year and still pay all your bills.

  4. Your Ability to Focus and your Willingness to Fail
    • Most people are hopelessly distracted by conflicting desires, social pressures/norms, and ways to avoid or hide from failure. This journey requires a rewiring of how we value our attention.
    • Devotional Growth is when we decide something is vitally important for our success and acknowledge that it will include many failures. However, we know that growth is impossible without failure, so we are incredibly open to failing.
    • Even though it will change over time, I recommend having a vision for success; something that excites your heart to the point where you're willing to go on that adventure. I recommend a 30-day, 6-month, 1-year, and 5-year vision, and revisiting those visions on a regular basis.

Okay! That’s it for the outline / pre-broadcast reflections. I’m inspired to write and explore these things, since I’m about to launch a training/coaching program for people who want to succeed as a heart-based solopreneur. Through my decade long journey, there are so many things to share that will help people… not take a decade! 😂