HSEP39: Imaginary Bullsh*t Holding You Back

Let’s get real, for a moment. Sure, it can totally seem like there are things in life, other people, and in ourselves, that seem to be holding us back. It can appear that, if things were different, we would have so many more opportunities to shine and live a more peaceful, productive, and abundant life. However, we have to ask, how many of these limitations are… absolute bullshit?
How many of these perceived limitations, are really just excuses that we imagine help us stay in our safe bubble, our comfort zone, that avoids the risk of damaging our precious ego?
Everyone who has a breakthrough, everyone who experiences genuine success, in anything, realizes the same thing. This realization is (in some way): “What I thought was an external limitation that was against me or in my way, was really a self-imposed limitation. I was using the mechanism of blame to help me hide from being radically honest with myself.”
Even though it might be a stretch for you, I invite you to be open to the possibility, that… there is no limitation in Life and all limitations we experience is a self-imposed limitation.
I understand how this might seem absurd, impossible, or… offensive. However, the closer we can get to this, the more we are willing to look at how we might be holding ourselves back, then the greater the chance we can see through the limitation and allow it to transform into the perfect opportunity.
On the flip side, the more you think the limitation is coming from the outside, the more you see yourself as powerless. I would suggest that this is the primary bullshit, the foundation of all experienced limitation, that being: that the limitation is ‘out there,’ and not coming for YOU.

Where to start?

You have to uproot your judgments. You have to see where you are giving your power away. Judgments are a projection of lack, they are proclaiming that the lack you experience and see, is a lack ‘out there,’ rather than a lack you are projecting onto the world. This ‘lack’ is completely imaginary and falls into the bullshit category.

MONEY JUDGMENTS are a great illustration of this. We have adopted so many judgments about and around money, that only pushes money away. Our thoughts about money, don’t tell us anything about money, rather it tells us about how we see money; and how we see money, will create our experience with money. Can you be so radically honest with yourself, that the money limitations you experience are not because of money itself, or because of the world? Can you do a personal deep dive, and see where you are giving your power away?

PEOPLE JUDGMENTS, again, same thing. There is the imaginary bullshit in how we see other people; where we think how we see them is how they are. Maybe it’s another stretch, but are you open to seeing that you don’t really see other people? Rather, you see how you see other people, and how you see other people show you how you see yourself. The imaginary bullshit is to believe that how you see others is how they are. In a very real way, this also says that other people are responsible for your emotional response, which is only a response that’s responding to ‘how you see.’ So it’s saying that other people are making you see how you see; this simply isn’t true.

SELF-JUDGMENTS, same thing. My goodness. We have to come face to face with this. There is a ‘holy-shit’ moment waiting to happen. This moment includes the courage to move, to act, even though the self-judgments might still be there. Most people are waiting for these judgments to end or be gone, before they move, before they engage, this only says that the judgments have power over you. The point is to see, deeply, they are not true, and then move in a way that honors what’s true, even though you might still be scared shitless.

To label something (or anything) as too much or not enough, is to judge it. There is no reality to something being too much or not enough. To see it as so, only expresses how you see it, but just because you see it that way, doesn’t mean it IS that way. Judgment proclaims that it IS that way, it proclaims that too much or not enough exists outside your creation of it.

What’s more important, honoring the truth of what you are, even though you’re scared, or… continuing to hide behind these judgments? Do these judgments really have power over you, or is that just the excuse you’re using (imaginary bullshit) to hide from embracing the realities of life?

Okay, that’s a good start. I’ll dive more into this during the live broadcast, for Episode 39, on Holding Space for Love to be Seen. Come watch live, or catch the replay.