HSEP35: 👼 Heaven is NOW; Wake-Up Buttercup!

How do you communicate something that is beyond words? Simple, you use words as a pointer, telling a story that might inspire someone to see or experience what words cannot touch. Heaven and Hell are just that, stories that point to something that is beyond words. However, human beings, with their adorable obsession with clinging to stories, miss the message almost entirely and get lost in the mind's content.

The initial dilemma here, that makes it unnecessarily complicated, is looking for what is real and true in what is illusionary and/or unreal. Humans are searching for what is real and true; however, they are looking for what is real and true in that which is not real nor true.

As an illustration, it's like asking, “what is the truth about ice-cream?” Sure, someone could write a book about ice-cream; however, that doesn't get you anywhere close to the reality of ice-cream; it just gives you thoughts and imagination. The truth about it, comes through direct experience. The truth of it, cannot actually be communicated. To say anything about your direct experience with it, is not ‘it.’ If anything, the stories you tell about your direct experience, is simply an invitation for someone else to experience it directly for themselves.

We can even think (tell ourselves stories) about our direct experience, and then think that our thoughts about it are true. Nope! Our thoughts about the direct experience are like painting a picture, and the picture is not reality; the picture is so far removed from the Truth, or Reality, of the experience. The reality and truth of the experience is a deeply intimate one, beyond words.

The stories of Heaven and Hell serve the same purpose. They are not representations of what's real and true, they are attempting to point toward something beyond themselves.

The Heaven & Hell Stories…

  • HEAVEN: From a religious standpoint, roughly speaking, Heaven is a place of divine perfection, where we are reunited with God in perfect harmony. It is a place of perfect unity and joy, where we are sustained and nourished by God's infinite love. Heaven is the ultimate reward for those who have faith in God and live according to His will and His Word.

  • HELL: From a religious standpoint, Hell is a place of eternal separation from God, where the damned are condemned to suffer unbearable torment and punishment. It is seen as the ultimate consequence for those who have denied or refused to accept God's love and mercy, and instead have chosen to live a life of sin.

These words are essentially pointing toward what happens when you see the Truth of Life (Heaven), and what happens when you don't see the Truth of Life (HELL).

Now, again, the truth of life beyond the mind. This isn't about finding the right thoughts to think or the right beliefs to have. It's about being able to see reality clearly, which includes seeing yourself, others, and life... clearly; beyond all the mind noise that's full of separation, judgment, blame, and fear.

Surely, you've experienced this in some way, to recognize that your suffering is the result of believing thoughts, rather than being present with what is here and now. In fact, if you watch your suffering, you'll notice a focus on the past or future, and other mental content that simply doesn't have anything to do with reality.

The spiritual pointer, since the beginning of all spiritual pointers, has been an invitation to see reality more clearly; to see beyond the mind's illusions where there is no suffering and only love. The invitation has been to wake up to reality. Also, this is the same as being reunited with God.

What's the truth of God? Well... anything I say about it, it's not that! I invite you to stop looking to the mind for answers about what's true; you won't find it there, especially if you're not willing to let the words point toward your own inner and direct experience.

This reminds me of two people arguing over what name to give the trees, while missing entirely the magic and beauty of what they are. Can you imagine this? Two people fighting over which name is the right name, which thought is the true thought, and then they drop bombs on each other, so they can try to force their idea to be the right idea. My goodness. This... is, hell.

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