HSEP32: 🤨 Why Worry When You Can Meditate?

Worry - is a funny thing. Okay, maybe not so funny when we are consumed by it. However, to step back, and look at worry from a space of wellness, the act of worrying becomes pretty darn funny. This, of course, is what meditation allows us to do, to take a moment and see things from a much more grounded and practical place. Something I think is also kind of funny, are the mind's excuses for not having the time to meditate, because... "there are so many things to worry about!" 😂 - okay... you gotta admit, that's kind of funny.

"Worry," which could also be described as "stress" or "anxiousness," are energetic states of being that absolutely wreck the human experience; in all aspects of the human experience.

  • The body breaks down and simply cannot operate optimally; inviting illness.
  • The mind becomes scattered and confused - unable to focus, or be present, or think clearly.
  • The heart feels painfully distant from love and wellness, fearing some impending doom and disappointment.

These states-of-being, worry, stress, anxiety, all have something in common - that I will describe as being... lost in a dream of what's not happening right here and now. This is also to say that we are living a reality that's not reality at all. However, there is an innocent confusion that is currently confusing the dream for reality, and as we believe in the unreal - we energize the unreal, which also energizes all the imaginary monsters in the dream.

Meditation, in its most authentic nature, is simply a pathway back to reality. Mediation as a social fad - doesn't see this, rather, in many cases, it's sees meditation as a tool for somehow gaining more control over reality. Like "dear meditation, please help me relax, so I can go back to having control over life and others." 😝

Meditation, is an act of devotion that honors reality beyond the mind, and is an opportunity to invite all parts of yourself to come back to this sacred space of what is real and true. Doing so, without an agenda for an outcome, resolves the worry, stress, and anxiety.

We don't meditate to "get something," we meditate to "release something."

What do we release?

  • Well, firstly, we recognize how lost we might be, and - if there is pain (worry, stress, anxiety - suffering) then we are clearly lost. Because... these things can only arise as a result of being lost in the dream.
  • Secondly, we release our attachment to mental content, recognizing or discerning the difference between the mind's content (thoughts) and what is actually real, true, here and now. In this discernment, we allow ourselves to simply drop more and more into reality. This is a sort of surrendering of the dream and a return to reality.
  • Lastly, we release our ego and its grip on our reality.

The ego is at the source of all worries and anxieties, and that's not a judgment, it's more so about the mechanism of suffering. The ego creates stories, scenarios, and judgments that only serve to keep us lost in the dream. But, when we meditate - authentically, we bring our awareness to the present moment and the ego's hold over us begins to loosen. Meditation itself is not a cure-all - especially in the context of the world's idea of meditation, but it is a powerful tool for resolving the worries and anxieties that can consume us.

Meditation is a way to step back from the chaos of the mind, and tap into the peace that lies within. And, let's be real, who wouldn't want to feel more at peace? So, let's not let the mind's excuses and worry keep us from experiencing the joys of a worry-free life in... Reality.

Let's make time to meditate, to honor presence, to honor what is here and now, and see for ourselves the benefits that come from being more grounded in reality.

If you are part of the Free inLight Connect Community - there is a 30-minute video I recorded called - Mediation Made Simple, Easy, and Profound. I encourage you to check that out.

In Summary

  • 💆‍♂️ Worry, stress, and anxiety are like pesky monsters ruining the human experience, causing harm to our bodies, minds, and hearts. 🤯
  • 🙏 Meditation is like a magic portal that brings us back to reality and helps banish worries, stress, and anxiety! 🧘‍♂️ It helps us recognize the difference between thoughts and reality, let go of mental clutter, and loosen the grip of the ego. 💆‍♂️
  • 💪 Meditation is a superhero tool that saves the day by resolving worries and anxieties, bringing peace and grounding us in the present moment. 🕉️ So why not use it to feel more relaxed and at peace? 💆‍♂️

Once again, I'll be diving more deeply into this during the second live video broadcast today, for "Holding Space for Love to Be Seen." Join the conversation by watching live on YouTube, share your comments, bring your questions, and let's HOLD SPACE together.

If you are part of the FREE inLight Connect Community, you can watch the recording here for a limited time.