HSEP25: No Longer a Slave to Fear🥺

FEAR 🥺: What is it, and how does it seem to control our lives?

For me, as I dive inward and look at my direct experience honestly, I find that FEAR has nothing to do with LIFE, and everything to do with a confusion about what I am. The fear I experience only looks to project my imaginary sense of self-importance; an ego that looks to protect what it holds on to in order to validate itself as real.

Furthermore, in being radically honest with myself, I see that I am not afraid of what's real, not afraid of anything in LIFE. Rather, I am only afraid of the mind's content; only afraid of what's created in the imagination. I challenge anyone to look at this, and ask:

"Am I afraid of the darkness of night, or am I afraid of the monster I imagine in the night?"

Also, ask:

"Am I afraid of what's happening, or am I afraid of what I only think it means about me?"

To say it directly, there is nothing to fear in Reality. Of course, I understand how crazy this might sound given our conditioning, our beliefs, and all the dogma and ideologies around what it is to be human. Yet, even all of this is just more mental content, more...imagination. As humans, we think the mind's content is reality, we think what we imagine is actually happening in Life. It is not.

This is life in the mind is not truly lived, it's a dream existence where things like fear appear to be real, and all of fear's flavors seem to truly exist. They do not.

Fear's flavors? Yes, all of them, too, don't exist in reality. Everything from blame and guilt, to everything else that leads to suffering. You cannot have suffering without fear, you cannot have any emotional disturbance without fear. You cannot experience a lack of love, unless there is fear.

Now, before we start collecting assumptions about what I'm saying or not saying, I want to make it clear that I'm not suggesting that anyone should not experience fear, or that it's somehow wrong or bad. This would only express a fear about fear; how silly 🙃.

If there is NO FEAR in reality, then reality is not afraid of the fear you might experience. 🤯

Reality holds a compassionate and loving space for anyone who is afraid. There is a sacred invitation to come back to reality and see that there is nothing to fear; an invitation to come back to LOVE.

Fascinatingly, this has been spoken throughout the heart of spirituality for thousands of years. Some, those we might call mystics, have peeked beyond the mind's veil, the dream, and seen a landscape of ONLY LOVE 💕; while also being UNABLE to shut up about it 😝🙄

Naturally, the difficulty of communicating this reality is that we are using tools of imagination to point to what is not imagination. We are using the unreal to point towards the real, and in translation, the message gets lost while people cling to the pointer rather than going towards the pointed.

This, of course, results in ideology, dogma, and attempts to use the message to support their own fearful dream. It's like two people arguing and fighting over what name to call a tree. The 'name' is imagination, the unreal. The reality (the miracle) is the tree, which is impossible to name. The tree's reality is untouched by anything you call it. Yet, the fearful human clings to the name, clings to the story, which is only to cling to imagination. This, gently said, is only to worship images, it's to worship the mind's content and remain disconnected from LIFE and the infinite supply of Love it contains.

This is a pretty big, but profoundly simply, topic of exploration. I'm heart-fully excited to explore this more deeply during the live video broadcast today, for "Holding Space for Love to Be Seen." Join the conversation by watching live on Youtube and share your comments, bring your questions, and let's HOLD SPACE together.

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