45) From Self-Judgment to Self-Love - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this
guided meditation
we're going to invite
a sweet and playful transformation
from self judgment to self love
let's allow ourselves
to ground into the present moment
we're going to take three deep breaths
and with each breath
we're just going to invite ourselves
to come home
and release all the noise
about anything that is not
here and now
let's breathe
in the stillness of this moment
and in the most self-forgiving
sort of way
let's just acknowledge
the reality of self-judgment
as we move through life
as we do what we do
the mind has all its commentary
about how we should be
how we shouldn't be
and it can assume so much
that if only we were
this way or that way
then we would be worthy of love
and in this confusion
the mind shouts out
in some sort of flavor that says,
"I don't like you. I wish you were different."
but I invite us to recognize
and maybe see
a little bit more deeply
is that the emotional pain we experience
isn't because of what is or isn't happening
isn't because of what we're doing
and what we're not doing
but it's happening because of
how we perceive ourselves
it's happening because of the
stories we tell about ourselves
If you interpret something
as meaning you're not enough
you will feel the pain of not being enough
if you interpret one of your outbursts
as meaning that you are unwhole and incomplete
then you will feel unwhole and incomplete
in this, it's not the something out there
that's causing the pain
it's not how we move in the world
but it's in how we see
and the pain we experience
is from seeing self-judgment
and we can acknowledge with a sincere heart
that the self-judgment isn't helping
can we relax into that realization
just to be honest with ourselves about it?
there's a great act of self-love
in just being honest with yourself
even if you're scared that you won't be able to stop
we can at least be honest about the real issue
let's take three deep breaths
and acknowledge that sincerity
to acknowledge that the self-judgment isn't helping
let's breathe
the next thing I'd like to invite us to recognize
in examining the behaviors,
the habits, the patterns
that flow through us
and seem to be not helpful
can we recognize that those things
are only there
because there was first self-judgment
it's also like saying that
"you cannot be unkind to another person
without first being unkind to yourself"
and so whatever lack of love
might be flowing out of you
it's only possible
because there's a lack of love within
which is also to say their self-judgement
and we can playfully acknowledged
the beautiful insanity
of trying to fix behavior
that was caused by self-judgment
with more self-judgment
and we wonder why these things
might get worse or not get better
and so we find ourselves opening up
to a new way
a new way that can be a little bit more
gentle, productive, and playful
and a new way that honors what you are
rather than rejecting where you are
in a very simple way
If you would like your behaviors,
habits, and patterns
to be more loving in nature
then we must...
add more love to the equation
are you open for that?
are you open to transform this
relationship with yourself?
maybe it's time for that
I'm going to invite you
to see what that might look like
in your own life
I'm not here to tell you
what you should or shouldn't be doing
or how you should be doing
but I invite you to explore that
how might you approach this with more love?
something that might help
are three playful steps
Number one
"Be open to see the innocent misunderstanding
whenever there is self-judgment"
Step number two
"forgive the innocent misunderstanding."
It's an innocent misunderstanding.
"I thought it meant something about me,
that it doesn't really mean"
Step number three
"Embrace the journey of transformation"
it's a journey my friend
and it's a journey that's already encoded
into the fabric of life and being human
It's in our nature to grow
to expand
to discover new thing
it's what we're here to do
and it already wants to happen
but so often we simply get in the way
in one of the biggest ways
we get in the way is with self-judgment
so let's add some more love
to the equation
thank you for meditating
with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —