44) Heart Based Transformation - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

all right
welcome to this moment
I invite you to
just be here with me
we're going to take
a short meditative journey
that allows ourselves to be open
to stepping into a new character
but first
can we just release all the seriousness?
can we just release the intensity
that thinks you're unworthy?
can we release the confusion
that thinks the points are real?
let us connect
with the playful opportunity of being alive
let's just be here
come back to the moment
and take three deep breaths
let's breathe
let us acknowledge
in the most innocent way
the person we are now
is simply a temporary manifestation
It's not solid
It's not permanent
and most likely
this current character
is the way that it is
because of a combination of
unconscious and conscious participation
often the things that
give us the biggest struggle
the areas where we have not grown
it's simply because we haven't
participated consciously
we haven't yet made a decision
that it's time
and so often
we delay that decision
because we make it a serious thing
a serious thing that's afraid of
getting it wrong
afraid of failing
again making it all so serious
but let's recognize that
this can actually be quite playful
we can look at the different
possible characters
we might enjoy playing
the different personas
the different roles we might engage
and we can ask ourselves
"what's next for this grand adventure
of my human experience?"
"what character would I like to step into?"
"what transformation sounds like a lot of fun?"
it's not a transformation to fix yourself
it's not a transformation
so you get approval from the world
no, no, no,
this transformation is a gift of play
that you get to give yourself
what do you want to learn?
what do you want to discover?
what do you want to explore?
this is a deeply sincere inquiry
it's not about what other people
want you to learn
it's not what adventure
does the world want you to go on
but you
the sincerity of what you are
this life is temporary my friend
this human thing will end
however, you're here now
and you do have the opportunity
to play
and what a gift to be alive
to have this human experience
which is simply a great adventure
and part of the adventure
is a beautiful transformation
that allows you to discover and connect
with something beautiful
on the inside of what you are
what a great way to honor
your human experience
you ready?
should we take three more
deep breaths?
okay, let's breathe
okay, go play
thanks for meditating
with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —