40) Be A Conscious Creator - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

in the most playful way possible
let's spend some time together
and open up to the possibility
that we are the creator
of everything we experience
but first
let's come back to reality
allow the breath
to bring you back to this moment
in the soft stillness
of right now
can you recognize
the potential of all the things
the mind could think about?
it can tell stories of rejection
stories of approval
stories of success
and stories of failure
and yet all of those stories
none of it's happening
right now
this doesn't mean it's wrong or it's bad
let's see if we can be a little bit fascinated by this
in a very playful way
we can recognize that
the mind is constantly creating
constantly telling stories
constantly assuming
and in the same way that we are
in this moment right now
if you start believing those stories
you start believing their creation
it's almost like
it invites it into your experience
you could take one little thought
such as "I'm not enough"
and watch the mind create a world
full of evidence
of why you're not enough
but yet
none of that's actually here
right now
and likewise
as we travel our journey through life
things appear to happen
but what are you experiencing?
are you experiencing what's happening?
or are you experiencing the stories you tell?
what you think it means
are you experiencing what is?
or are you experiencing your creation?
when somebody says something
do you experience what they say?
or do you experience
what you think it means about you?
come home to reality
and see you're creating it all
this doesn't mean
you're doing anything wrong
it's an invitation
to see how powerful you are
you can see anything as
against you or for you
and however you choose to see it
will influence how you dance with it
let's breathe into this open space
this blank canvas
that simply waiting for you to create
whatever you want to create
you can create failures
you can create successes
you can create enemies
and you can create friends
let's start over
and see that this blank canvas
is there for the sake of play
it's only when we don't see
what's really happening
that we tend to create scary things
but the moment you see that this all exists
so that you can experience
the depth of what you are
then your creation becomes
so much more loving
and playful in nature
just breathe
into this openness
you're on a great adventure
discovering something beautiful
on the inside of what you are
and now go share that beauty
with the world
thank you for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —