39) A Profound Gratitude - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

We are going to invite ourselves
into the depth
of this moment
let's take three
deep, but natural breaths
we are going to invite
and on the exhale
we are going to release
any tension
and anxiety
let's just experience
a profound gratitude
letting go of the past
letting go of the future
and recognize that
in this...
very moment
let us recognize
that wellness
let us recognize
that the monsters we imagine
let there be gratitude
for this
all the ways
we imagine
that we're being rejected
let's take three more deep breaths
and really recognize
the profound nature
of this truth
that beyond the noise
right now...
we're okay
let's really feel
the depth
of this reality
and gently surrender
the dream of
something going wrong
let's take three deep breaths
for this brief moment
of meditating with me
let's do three deep breaths
all as well
aren't really here right now
that's not here right now
everything we imagine
that's missing
and yet
there is nothing missing
right now
let there be gratitude for this
Thank you
for this brief moment
of meditating with me

— End of Guided Meditation —