37) Celebrate, the Here and Now - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

here we are
right now
look at this
here now
regardless of the noise
going on around you
regardless of the thoughts
that come and go
here right now
there's a stillness
there is a presence
that beats your heart
there is a presence
breathing you
in this moment
right now
all is well
come back
to that wellness
see that this wellness
is what's true
let this wellness
breathe through you
deep breaths
you are here now
you're not in the last week
you're not in five years
from now
you're here now
let's honor the life
we've been given
the life that's happening now
let's celebrate the gift
we've been given
which is the aliveness
of here now
let our hearts rejoice
for being alive now
thank you for joining me
on this brief meditative journey cheers

— End of Guided Meditation —