35) Time to Shine, Radical Self Honesty - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

If you're open for it
this is an opportunity
for us
to get profoundly
honest with ourselves
and so
if you're not ready for that
this is not the meditation
for you
let's allow ourselves
to be present
just recognize
this moment
is happening
you are here
right now
into this moment
with an intentionality
of coming home
in a very
but honest way
let's discern
the difference
between the life
we think
is happening
and the life
that is here
right now
yes there's 10,000 things
to think about
and yet
none of those things are here
what is here?
what is real?
what is true?
as we come
back to reality
and we find ourselves
to be incredibly present
can you recognize
the profound emptiness
of this moment?
the emptiness
we're all is allowed
to be what it is
sound of a car passing by
allowed to be what it is
maybe a dog barking
allowed to be what it is
all that is...
I invite you
to just release
any resistance
that wants to think
that anything that showing
isn't allowed
release it
In the release
of this resistance
it simply invites you
to drop deeper and deeper
into presence
as we're here
in this moment
present and alive
can you be honest
about something for me?
within you...
is a light
that wants to shine
within you is a play
that wants to be explored
within you
is a genuine enthusiasm
that wants to go
on a great human adventure
within you
there are things
you are genuinely
interested in
within you
is an aliveness
that simply wants to be...
just acknowledge this reality
can you also acknowledge
that you don't allow it
can you acknowledge
that there is something
sincere within you
that wants to breathe
that wants to play
and you say no
and I want to ask you
your reasons for "no"
how much of it revolves
around fearing
what other people
will think about you?
how much of it revolves
around losing
the things you cling to
that aren't even yours
to begin with
how many excuses
Do you have
that only help you
hide from the truth
of what you are
hide from your
own brilliance
hide from the miracle
of being alive
how many excuses
have you collected
that attempt
to keep you safe
from the world's opinion
about you
rejecting the sincerity
of your own heart
in hopes of getting
the world's approval
how's that go and by the way?
maybe you're here
to be alive
not to be approved of
in the mind of other people
maybe you're here
to play a game
that deeply resonates
with your own aliveness
rather than playing
the fearful game
that everyone else
wants you to play
because they're too afraid
to play their own game
what are you doing
with this life
that you've been given?
maybe it's time
to truly be alive
let's find out
thanks for meditating with me today.

— End of Guided Meditation —