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Intimacy with This Moment Guided Meditation

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I think the topic of today's meditation is "Intimacy with this moment" — that feels good. I had an extraordinarily beautiful conversation yesterday with a friend, and it was one of those moments where I just fell in love with being human, all over again.

Just the realness of being human... to see that it's okay, and to see how beautiful the reality of that is, and to let go of the fantasy of how humans should be, especially with spiritual projections.

That's something that is worthwhile to mention that in spirituality we can create images of how we want to be according to the love, and peace and freedom that's pointed to, not realizing that that love, and peace and freedom that's pointed to, is a foundation that completely embraces the reality of being human.

That discovery says, "fall into what you are, and be held by the miracle that's there, even if you can't see it".

Also, to encounter the raw humanness of another human, shows me that it's okay for me to be human.

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Being Aware of the Breath Guided Meditation

Being Aware of the Breath

Let's just be here for a moment.

Whatever that means for you. For me, it's just the acknowledgment that, "Oh yeah, here I am right now."

In the awareness of that is an invitation to really be here.

Naturally, the mind can go in a thousand different directions, much of which isn't focused on here and now, and so in the permission, I bring my attention to this moment.

I can ground into this moment by being aware of my breath.

I see that the breath is happening, in and out.

The breath isn't asking anything from me.

The breath is simply doing what it does — in and out.

In the same way that the ocean's tide moves in and out.

The same way that the waves rise and fall.

In the same way, that day turns to night, and night opens up to the day.

Can you see this? That which moves the breath in and out is the same presence that moves the ocean in and out.

Can you see that which makes the Earth spin, is also that which breathes your being?

Life is Holding You Guided Meditation

Life is Holding You

Notice how much you don't do, and how much life does.

I invite you to surrender into that relaxation, a great remembering that life is doing this.

Come home to this moment, and see that life is doing it all.

Discover an intimacy that's willing to undress the heart, and relax into this all that is.

It's okay to just be. We can release the tensions, the anxieties, the worries, and the fears, all of which we use to protect ourselves.

We can just recognize that at this moment right now, there's no protection that's needed.

We can be raw, we can be vulnerable, we can fully be human.

As we open up to this, we can recognize that life is holding you.

There's not an expectation that says, "You should be peaceful; you should be this, you should be that", for all of this is already done.

It's the peace that's holding you; it's love that surrounds you.

It's the freedom in what is that fully allows you to be whatever you are.

Just breathe into that. See that it's okay.

Let Life Breathe Through You Guided Meditation

Let Life Breathe Through You

You can see how the mind says it's not okay. But look to this moment... just this, just this... right now.

See how everything is allowed, all the sounds that might come and go, all the thoughts that might arise and fall — it's all allowed.

There is no judgment in life.

There is no expectation of what should or should not be. Draw near to this.

Just this, just this. Give your breath back to life.

Let life breathe through you.

You can release every ounce of effort; you can release all of the trying.

Can you see that this is your real home, right now?

Can you see that this is where you belong?

This is where you fit.

There's a beautiful intimacy here.

Welcome home.

Thanks for joining me today.

— End of Meditation —