08) A Compassionate Life - Meditate Now

A Compassionate Life - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the guided meditation

I recently did a live video called "There's Nothing Real to Fear, My Dear", and I think that spoke a lot to compassion, in such a way that, because there's nothing real to fear, it's okay that you're afraid.

There's a tremendous amount of compassion in that, allowing fear to be there because ultimately there's nothing to be afraid of, so it's okay.

If I were to say, "I shouldn't be afraid", that's almost like saying, "I'm afraid of being afraid", which says there is something to be afraid of. No, it's totally understandable that we get afraid, we are swimming in a big miracle.

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Love that Sees Wellness Beyond the Fear Guided Meditation

Love that Sees Wellness Beyond the Fear

When looking at the play of compassion, what I recognize is this love that sees wellness beyond the fear, where this love sees that "Yes, I see that you're afraid". That's okay, let me hold you.

It doesn't try and fix it, doesn't try and change it, and holds the space for it to be what it is.

As it relates to a compassionate life, for me what it is, is to look out and see that in a very real way it's all allowed. Whether my mind likes it or not, it's all allowed. In some beautifully cosmic way, it's all okay.

Compassion is like a deep understanding that whatever is, is supposed to be how it is right now. Sure, it might change, it might not, but however it is right now, that's okay, so we can hold space for it.

What I see that gets in the way of a compassionate life is me wanting things how I want them to be.

In that want is a... Let's call it a lack of understanding; it's very much like it being wintertime and wanting it to be summertime, and in this is a rejection of the wintertime, which is a lack of understanding that doesn't see that the wintertime has to be the wintertime in order for life to be lived, regardless of what I want.

There's this compassion that allows every season to be its season in life or in humans. Whatever is showing is supposed to be showing.

This is what I love about compassion — Compassion sees beyond all of the mind's noise. Compassion holds space for what's real, for what's actually here and now, rather than a mind racing about trying to get what it wants. Compassion sees the heart of the matter.

Connect with the Reality Guided Meditation

Connect with the Reality

This is a beauty of meditation, is that we have the opportunity to connect with the reality of what is, and gently set down all of the mind's noise, if only for a moment, and connect with something more real and more true. So let's do that. Let's do that.

We're going to allow ourselves to connect with the present moment, just realizing that here we are, right now.

We can follow the breath and allow it to bring us home into right now.

As I follow the breath in and out, I see it has this potential to drop me into right now.

Here we are in this moment, being together, I invite you to recognize that if your eyes are closed, and as you breathe gently, and bring your awareness more and more into this moment, you'll probably recognize this expansiveness that emerges.

It's like there becomes more space inside of what you are.

Connect with that space for a moment.

Breathe into that space.

As it relates to the topic of a compassionate life, I invite us to recognize that in the foundation of life, there is this infinite compassion.

In the foundation of life, there is this allowing for all to be whatever it is.

At this moment right now, all is allowed.

If noises come and go, they're allowed to come and go. If a smell is here or there, it's allowed to be whatever it is.

Sensations arise and fall. Thoughts come and go.

Do you notice that in life, there's no pushing or pulling? Everything moves in the most natural voice as if it's all allowed to be whatever it is.

In this foundation of compassion is a very deep understanding that everything is perfectly placed. It's okay.

Life Itself is Compassionate Guided Meditation

Life Itself is Compassionate

Compassion is like love in motion.

Love that touches everything, an embrace of what is.

A beautiful allowing of what is. An unconditional love that says, "I love you regardless".

Do you notice that life itself is compassionate? Life itself is compassionate.

Not this or that, but the whole thing.

Life as a whole allows for all that is. Life doesn't reject whatever is showing.

Life embraces whatever is showing.

It's interesting too, because, in the human experience, the rejection of what is showing is moved by fear within the mind.

The withholding of compassion, through the human being, is withheld because of fear.

This fear is simply a lack of understanding about what you're seeing. It's an innocent misunderstanding, and this innocent misunderstanding withholds compassion, withholds love.

It's important to see that this is an innocent misunderstanding. It's not wrong, it's not bad. That too is allowed.

Isn't that adorable? You can see that life has compassion for the misunderstanding.

We get scared, we get confused, and life holds space for it all.

As you connect with this space in life that is infinitely compassionate, can you see that it's life's compassion that touches your heart, and then this compassion can look from behind your eyes?

It's not that life is asking me to create compassion.

Life is asking me to see the compassion that's already there.

If something within me simply cannot be compassionate, guess what? Life has compassion for that. It's okay.

It's not up to you to create these things, for everything we crave is already there.

Compassion, love, peace, freedom, wholeness, healing. It's all already done, rested in the truth of reality, beyond the mind's noise, the mind's opposition, the mind's confusion.

So we come home to right now and see that it's already done, it is here.

However, you're feeling is allowed to be there. It's only the mind that rejects it because the mind is confused, and that's fine.

Breathe; Let Life Hold You Guided Meditation

Breathe; Let Life Hold You

If you're having a tough time in your life, that's okay.

If you're happy and excited about life, that's okay.

You see, all of these things will change.

Night becomes day, the day becomes night.

What is easy, can become hard, and what is hard can become easy.

The winter will become summer, and the summer will become winter.

The tide will flow in, and the tide will flow out.

Let's release our grip that tries to make everything stand still.

Let's give the flow back to the flow, allowing things to be what they are right now.

Breathe, my friend, breathe. Let life hold you.

Let life hold you.

Thanks for meditating with me today.

— End of Meditation —