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I will say that before we all begin here, as we go on this meditative journey, I'm going to be sharing some insights that ultimately attempt to invite us to see beyond the conditioning, to see beyond our concepts about love, and maybe connect with a deeper sincerity of what love actually is.

We can distinguish the difference between the innocent fantasy about love and the reality of love.

As I point to these things, if anything seems difficult for you or super confusing, feel free to reach out, send me a message. I enjoy hearing from listeners. I can send a few words of clarification if that seems like it might be helpful. Because I know, my goodness, as I speak about these things using silly words, I'm ultimately just pointing to something. Also, depending on our own conditioning and how we dance with words, the interpretation could be drastically off from what I'm attempting to communicate.


The topic of this meditation is the embodiment of more love. Naturally, for some, I imagine just that phrase itself, “the embodiment of more love,” my goodness, we can start creating all sorts of ideas about what that means or what it looks like. I'm just going to invite gentleness in all of those images. Maybe for the sake of clarity, when I say the embodiment of more love, I have to ask myself, "Okay, well, what do I mean by more love?"

Beyond all of the concepts, I see “Love,” the word itself, it's a pointer. It's attempting to point to something beyond the word. I feel that it points to something that resonates within all human beings, the more we explore it. This speaks to the fundamental craving for wholeness—where there is this longing to unite with a presence that embraces the totality of what we are.

Granted, we experience this in the human play between human beings, where when it appears that somebody loves us, we connect with this permission to just be ourselves. We connect with this permission to drop all the pretense, and just be like, “It's okay to just be what I am.” And then likewise, there's this extension of this love—where we can look out into the world with loving eyes that doesn't project judgment, doesn't project what should or should not be. But rather there is this seeing of wholeness—a seeing that whatever is, is, because that's what needs to be right now. Sure, it might change.

However, if there's anything that is problematic in its expression, the more we examine that, we can see that it is intimately tied with a perceived lack of love. If we look at our own human difficulties, that difficulty is intimately tied with the perception of love lacking or a fear of love's loss. It's really quite fascinating how it's all tied together with love in some way, shape, or form.

The embodiment of more love is the invitation to really see more of what's true, more of what's really here rather than the fearful projections.

Let's jump into that for a few minutes and just invite ourselves to open up.

Guided Meditation - Breath Awareness

Guided Meditation - Breath Awareness

As we enter a meditative space. Let's just ground for a moment.

We can do that by just very simply and gently bringing our awareness back to this moment.

We can recognize that the breath is happening.

We can bring a loving awareness to any sensation in the body.

Or, you can even recognize a slight 'hum' in the background and completely allow it to be.

This is just a permission to come home to this moment and truly just be here.

Beyond the Illusions of Love Guided Meditation

Beyond the Illusions of Love

As we make space for this topic, the embodiment of more love.

In a very playful and innocent way, let's just acknowledge all of our maybe current or past perceptions about love that we are discovering are simply not true.

We pick up a lot of conditioning that attempts to put love in a box. We say, "Love is this...” or, “It's not that.”

"If you loved me, you would do this... and you wouldn't do that.”

"I'll love you, if..."

So many beautifully innocent but yet insane attempts to capture love; we can just see that.

We can see that throughout our journey, there's been this clarification bringing us closer to the reality of love while letting go of our illusions of love.

Maybe we've heard somewhere along our journey that “Love is All There Is.” Maybe we've “heard that “the Truth of Life is Love.”

Maybe we've heard that “God is love.”

Whatever the path or the spiritual tradition, they all point to this in some way—that beyond all the noise, all the mind commentary, all the illusions, rests this vast landscape of love.

Let's breathe into the possibility of that.

The possibility that that might actually be true.

That there's one thing that we crave, this one thing that we're ultimately searching for is actually available in abundant supply.

It's everywhere.

Allow for Real Love Guided Meditation

Allow for Real Love

Naturally, in our human journey, we simply don't see the love because we're confused about what love is or where it is.

This, of course, is the unfolding in our hearts.

This clarification, this letting go of what it's not, making space, making room for real love to show itself.

You see, my friends, this is the journey.

This is the journey of embodying more love. It's not that you create more love. It's not even that you find it.

You see that it's right here all the time, never missing. “I just didn't see it.”

So naturally, as we walk our path, we encounter our illusions about love, "I love you if..."

"If only this... If only that..."

And we are invited to lay those down and connect with what's real and what's true.

Openness for More Real Love Guided Meditation

Openness for More Real Love

In this time together, maybe we can touch upon an openness within ourselves.

Even if we might not be able to see the illusions clearly, maybe we can discover an openness that's willing, a willingness that says, "Dear life, help me see."

"Help me see the love that's already here.”

Help me see beyond the confusion."

Just breathe into that openness.

You can recognize that maybe there's something within you that's scared to be that open, that's scared to let go of the fantasy.

Yet, we can recognize a deep sincerity that does want to see what's true.

Let us, for a moment, acknowledge something that I find to be profound anyway.

That is the discovery that the love I experience in this life is a love that blooms from within what I am.

It doesn't come from the outside.

Sure, it can look like it comes from the outside.

But when I get deeply honest about my direct experience, what I see is that the love I experience—is the love that I allow to flow, is the love that I allow myself to see. It's very much like the experience of hate—where we can so commonly think that we hate something out there. But yet, we are the one who experiences the hate.

We think that we're giving the hate to something outside of what we are. However, it is our hate that is the denied flow of love. It is the withholding of love.

It is I—who experiences the withholding.

This dramatically changes the relationship with the world and others.

I see that whatever I appear to give you, I give myself.

If I withhold love from you, I withhold it from myself.

The only reason I would withhold it from you, is because I'm innocently confused.

I'm confused about what love really is. Then my love says, "I would love you if..." Naturally, to say "I love you if..." says, "I don't love you right now." And so, love is not allowed to flow.

You see what we do here, then we wait for the world to match our idea, our expectation.

Then if it seems to match what we think we want, then we'll let love flow. But just a little bit, because it might change. We can't just love totally and freely, then people might not do what we want. So, we restrict the flow of love, not realizing that we're simply restricting it from ourselves.

Giving & Withholding Love Guided Meditation

Giving & Withholding Love

This innocent misunderstanding, which has been a conditioning, is that we have been taught that the love we crave is outside of what we are. Naturally, this makes us a prisoner to what is out there, for what is out there has what we crave. So now, we must do what out there wants us to do, in order to get that love, which ultimately means—don't be you, be what the world wants you to be. Then, it will love you. So, in order to get the world's love, I will withhold love from what I am.

In order to get the world's acceptance, I will reject what I am.

That hurts because even in my pretending to be what the world wants me to be. This character that the world is loving, this pretend version of what I am, the realness of what I am remains unloved, not allowed to be what it is, not embraced in its totality.

Gently, I hope you see this disaster of believing that the love that you crave is somewhere other than within your precious heart.

Because, of course, the conclusion we will find is that—the love you have been waiting for, is the love that is allowed to flow from within what you are.

Free Yourself & The World Guided Meditation

Free Yourself & The World

In this, is a beautiful invitation to release everyone, to realize that they don't have what you crave.

Release them.

Let them love. Let them hate. Let them have their experience. Extend a freedom, which is to extend a love, a love that says, "I love you, regardless..." If you like me or if you don't, it's not actually about me.

This is the embodiment of more love.

It is the clarification of what love really is.

Yes, I know in our fantasies, in our human dreams, we want so badly to believe that they are the fulfillment of everything we desire. Not realizing that these fantasies and these dreams aren't to be captured as a reality; rather, they are the opportunity for your humanness to play, and share the love that you are.

They are not meant to capture a love in the future.

They are meant as Love’s potential expression.

You see, you already have the prize.

On this journey, we're going to see that a little bit more and a little bit more.

Let's just take these last few moments, and breathe into that openness that genuinely desires to see real love–a sacred love, a love that touches everything as it looks out from behind your eyes.

Are we open to see that?

Okay, let's just breathe.

—- End of Meditation —-

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