It's Not The Point for Others To 'Wake Up'


Did it occur to you, that maybe it's not the point for others to 'wake up'?

Maybe... others are right where they are supposed to be, and the simple solution is not trying to wake them up, but rather maybe it's simply to love them as they are, where they are.

This spiritualized fantasy of the world waking up, so you can finally relax, is really a movement that blames others for your inability to relax and be with love. Maybe... not so self awake as you thought.

Maybe... they show up as they do, so you can share your wakeness as a space that holds them; not to change them, not to want for them, but to see the divinity in how they already are. To be LOVE, rather than to be someone who thinks you are awake looking at the heart of another you deem as not yet awake.

True awakening, in the Self, has nothing to do with other people waking up as if they are now the problem or hindrance. True awakening, in the Self, has everything to do with awakening to Love and seeing there is no hindrance to its flow. Literally, having nothing to do with anyone else.

If you think ''other people just don't get it,'' I would invite you to question who you're really talking about here. If you think "other people should just wake up," again... Is it not a mirror, oh awake one?
Is the obstacle really what you see as separate from yourself, or is the obstacle a separate self that wants to pretend it's the awake one?

True awakening, or enlightenment, will never be a social fad, trend, or even secured by a community you can hide behind. It's sincerely for the silent few, humbled by a power of truth that could never be claimed by an individual person. If someone proclaims to be awake, or enlightened, while pointing out others who are not and sees them as the problem, it's wise to love and wish them well on their journey.

Imagine it like this... true enlightenment is like being a steward of a garden, emptied of any self-importance. The ingredients or tools you now have are patience, love, and presence. Your job is not to convince all the flowers they need to wake up. Your job is to provide water and enjoy the natural unfolding of life's perfection.

If you tend to a garden with irritation, frustration, and emotionally disturbed expectations, you're simply unavailable to enjoy and love the miracle of what's happening. The ultimate solution will never be, getting to the point where the flowers bloom. The solution is to let the garden be the garden, while joyfully serving the present moment needs or invitations to extend space of love.

If others are supposed to wake up, they'll wake up. If not, then maybe that's the fertilizer the garden needs at the moment. To be awake isn't to 'know' what the garden needs; to be awake, is to be able to listen deeply to the sincerity of what is. From this space, of deep presence, life will do what life needs to do, as it always has for the past billions of years.