Lay Down the Polarity


What happens when you cut off the negative end of a magnet? You double the amount of negative. You now have two magnets, both with negative ends.


Positive and negative go together, you cannot actually get rid of the negative while also ‘wanting’ the positive. Every attempt will ultimately empower what you’re trying to get rid of.

The positive is made possible by the negative and the negative made possible by the positive. The illusion is that they are separate, that they are not the same ‘thing’, which creates the further illusion that you can capture one side and discard the other.

When the left side battles the right side, the right side battles back. When the right battles the left, the left fights back; both sides then multiplying in force. While each side has an illusion of their own side getting bigger. Every appearance of a ‘win’ is a temporary illusion, for there is sure to be another battle.

Polarities such as these can be found everywhere. In fact, every disturbance or conflict is an expression of such polarities trying to conquer the other side, while also trying to survive its own illusion as something that is separate from the other side.

"You’re that and I’m this!!”

As if ‘that’ was separate from ‘this.’

You cannot be ‘that’ without also being ‘this.’

Opposites are Forever Tied Together

Whatever has an opposite, will forever be tied to its opposite. However, these opposites are only empowered in the human experience through a belief in them as separate things.

The concept of ”tall” is made ‘real in experience’ by my belief in what I think is ”short”. There is nothing that is actually tall outside of my declaration of what is short. And, what I think is short, isn’t actually short. It’s not REAL that it’s short.

If I wanted to get rid of the ‘short’ things, I will find more short thing (as I’m looking for them) while under the illusion that I’m gaining ‘tall’ things. Can I ever get rid of all the short things? No. Why? Firstly, they don’t really exist; I make them exist by looking for them. Secondly, I’m now getting more of them because I’m trying to get rid of them.

The illusion of this will keep someone (or groups of someones) spinning into a drunken daze of chaos, conflict, and suffering. There is no real way out as long as one believes there is a real separation between 'this' and 'that.'

Whatever you want to get rid of, you are empowering.

Take suffering for example. Suffering is a polarity that works in unison with Joy. The more you understand suffering, why it shows itself, the less you will want to get rid of it. Trying to rid the world of suffering, is to completely misunderstand the nature of suffering, and will likely only create more of it.

The misunderstanding of suffering thinks “I suffer because of the negative, so let’s get rid of the negative!”

In trying to get rid of the negative, you’ll become violent toward what “you” label/blame as the negative, and create more negative.

AND... at the same time, you’ll be under the innocent spell of illusion and think you’re making progress. Your liberation from suffering is “almost complete! just a few more Jews to get rid of,” 6 million later. Or... “almost complete, our side is about to win!” after a year of unkindness toward the other side.

Genuine Compassion Sees Both Sides

This journey of cutting out the negative is celebrated by the ego because it looks like it found a solution. However, it’s always at the price of expressing violence and a complete lack of compassion. In a way... (sincerely) you're doing the thing you're trying to get rid of. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Genuine compassion doesn’t look to get rid of something, doesn’t look to cancel someone, and doesn’t look to punish one side of the coin. Genuine compassion looks to understand how what is showing is perfectly placed.

The nature of a balanced and harmonious polarity is an understanding that both sides are of equal value; and... the only thing that can create an unbalanced polarity is through overvaluing one side. It’s recognizing that each side is also the other side, equally. Which invites complete forgiveness of the side you see as less than worthy to be what it is.

Not forgiveness because something’s wrong with it, but a forgiveness that says...

“I’m sorry for judging you. I’m sorry I separated you from the whole. I’m sorry I thought you were less than. I’m sorry I blamed you as -in the way of me capturing an illusion to the positive. Thank you for being what you are, so I might see the error in my perception.”

If what you’re fighting against becomes louder, that’s life’s way of restoring the balance. It’s not wrong that it’s louder, it’s necessary. It’s louder because you’re clinging to the other side, it’s your own clinging that’s tipping the scale in the other direction.

Harmony with Polarities

If you genuinely desire harmony with polarities, you’ll first have to come to terms with a compassionate understanding that everything has its place. You don’t have to like the rain, but it has its place. You don’t have to like the nighttime, but it has its place. You don’t have to like whatever you don’t like, but if it happens, then it has its place.

You don’t have to like suffering, but... it has its place.

You might not understand its place, however, just because you don’t understand something, that doesn’t mean it’s without value for the WHOLE.

Facebook Comments... 
Q.  The narcissist and empath are opposites, that are only made possible by each other and will forever be tied to each other. Are you saying the differences between them are an illusion? I love everything you are saying. But how does one have compassion for the other who has none?

If we separate ourselves through labels, believing we are this and they are that, then... real compassion is impossible. Sure, the ego has its own flavor of compassion but it only reinforces a separation.  

Let me says this as a pointer... and you can see how it sits with you. "It can be quite narcissistic to call someone a narcissist."   If someone thinks they are an empath (as a real thing), then... they MUST find people who they think are narcissists. That's the only way they can be the opposite. Also like... if you want to be a "smart person," you have to look for "dumb people." You cannot be a "smart person," without identifying "dumb people." Every time the ego thinks it finds a dumb person, it then celebrates its own fantasy of self-importance or self-identification ("I found myself!").  

This points to why there can be so much social energy around labels such as narcissist and empath, people think "Oh! I found myself, this is what I am, this explains everything, it makes sense to my mind that sees separation." However... in order for you to be that, then you must define and identify the opposite. And... because it's "Identified" with, it becomes a life or death situation. Meaning... one will become violent in order to protect their identity.

So, the identified empath becomes violent to the imagined narccisist, which is the quality of the perceived narcissist.   The one who sees other people as an 'aggressor' then becomes an aggressor toward the perceived aggressor. The one who sees 'greedy' people, becomes 'greedy' by thinking the greedy people shouldn't be what they are. It's like... "I see people who are too controlling, so, we should get rid of them." Which is trying to control them. Or... "that person is selfish, they only think about themselves." Which is you thinking they should think about you. So, who's being selfish?

Labeling people is a quick way to distances ourselves from them and to distances ourselves from the truth of ourselves. The ego doesn't want to see how it's own separate sense of identity isn't real, so it constantly reinforces it (its identified polarity) by constantly labeling others.   If one were to see through their own false sense of separate self, they would see very quickly that other people are not who or what you 'think' they are, and labeling them as anything would be utterly impossible. Beyond the labels, beyond any attempt to define (judge), what you will see is every human being that is exactly like you, is an extension of you.

To such a degree that whatever you think you see in another, you are actually creating in yourself. This is why when you hate another person, you are the one with hate. So, in effect, you are literally hating yourself. Whatever you think you see in another, you are literally seeing in yourself; it's not actually them you are seeing.

Another way to illustrate (as a pointer)... If you are looking at five trees, you can start to label each of them, as they all appear to be different. Some are tall, short, crooked, or even... in the way of other trees. HOWEVER... what you don't see, is that these perceivably separate trees all share the same root system. They are literally the same tree, but you don't see that because you're looking at the surface, at what the mind sees as separate things. Are they REALLY separate? No, however... yes, it can look like that. But what things "look" like, is not what things are.

Whatever you say about one tree, you're literally saying about all the others, since, in fact, they are the same tree.   It's important to see that all of this mental commentary about other people, what they are or what they are not, is fundamentally based in the assumption that there are separate people. Yes, I get that it looks like people are separate, it looks like we are our own thing operating independently. However, that is only a story we tell, a story of separation and we then believe in it. In the same way of telling a story that the trees are separate trees.

Guess what? You'll even find a large majority of people to agree with you that the trees are separate. In fact, most people will agree because it looks like that, and, furthermore, they see themselves as separate things, so they are looking out into life as if separation is real.   If you think you are separate, then it's a life-and-death situation when it comes to seeing separation. It's a matter of egoic survival, hence... all the perceived conflict between human beings.


Q. Thank you! I had to read all your words several times before I could see the truth of it. Lol. My ego had to step back.I spent most of my life with no labels and seeing everyone the same, except as it turned out myself. I believed that I was less-than.In order to heal, I educated myself and began to label the differences I began to see everywhere. I began to see myself as better-than.Both ideas kept me separated and sick, and I knew that I was still missing something important.
You have given me a new perspective. Every word you said was truth and I thank you very much for sharing.

Yes, you believed you were less than, and then had to compensate. That compensation will always come with some flavor of violence. Primarily, because it’s violent to see ‘yourself’ as less than, so that violence gets projected outwardly.

The good news is that you’re not less than or more than, you’re equal; exactly where you’re supposed to be. It’s really quite beautiful. This is where real love starts to shine.

harmony of polarities