Holding Space
for Love to be Seen

a Live Video Broadcast Series
with Tiger Singleton

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What is it?

Holding Space for Love to Be Seen is a weekly live broadcast with Tiger Singleton. During this one hour exploration, he guides you on an inward journey to see beyond the fearful conditioning of the mind and connect with more love, compassion, and freedom. Each episode concludes with a short and sweet guided meditation. This serves as a gentle invitation to invite the episode's discoveries and insights into your heart.

This show is for those who crave a deeper connection with themselves, others, and… all of Life. It's not for the faint of heart or those looking to hide behind illusions. You’ll be compassionately, but directly, invited to let go of your excuses for withholding love and to take total experiential accountability for your experience of being human.

Relax, drop in and explore life beyond fear. Allow yourself to look beyond the mind's adorable confusions, innocent misunderstandings, and judgmental projections.

BONUS CONTENT: As a member of the inLight Connect Community (free), you gain access to Tiger's Pre-Broadcast Reflections. In these blog posts, Tiger shares insights, thoughts, and helpful pointers about the upcoming episode topics. The reflections are between 400 and 1,300 words and are delivered approximately two hours before going live on Tuesdays.

The Show Outline

  • ⏳ 1 Min - Promos & Invitations
  • ⏳ 1 to 5 min - Welcome and short introduction
  • ⏳ 5 to 7 min - Honoring Stillness of this moment.
  • 7 to 40 min - Tiger Shares insight & wisdom.
  •  40 to 55 min - Q&A and viewer feedback
  • ⏳ 55 to 60 min - Short and Sweet Guided Meditation
  •  60 to 65 min - Closing Words

Community Testimonial

"Tiger medicine 💊 as I call it, is an opportunity to remember who you really are. He wakes you up from your endless illusions and shows you your silly ways of feeling separate and alone. His words tame your ego to keep you firmly tethered to the truth... Here & Now... and everyday.

The real life red 💊 pill that keeps you present in this reality and helps you navigate the quirks of life."

-Hilal, Chicago IL


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