Chapters in this offering

  • Introduction
  • The Painting, Picture, and Story
  • The Power of Acceptance
  • The Chaos That Destroys Us
  • The Monster Within
  • The Real World
  • The Right Way?
  • The Victim & Aggressor
  • Let It Flow


“Acceptance” is a flavor of what is true. As such, with all the flavors of truth: love, compassion, kindness, healing, acceptance, these are not things that you do. Rather, they are birthed through a recognition of the truth.

The more chaotic I am on the inside, the more chaos I see in the world. Naturally, this chaos is anything but present. This chaos is reaching out towards ten-thousand things in the mind, trying to manage ten-thousand thoughts as if they were really happening. Underneath it all, the chaos that looks to manage the outside is simply avoiding a chaos on the inside.